Ambiance for weddings in Italy

In any kind of event, lightning is meant to create the perfect ambiance and give added value to the available space.
We believe lightning is one of the most important features to consider when planning any event, not to be under-estimated. That is the reason why, we have selected the best light designers, able to provide magic and modern ambiances on your luxury wedding in Italy, thanks to their most developed techniques.
Color combinations and harmonies can truly change the look of any location, such as a garden or the externals of a villa, giving value, enhancing its look, and hiding all defects.
Lightning systems play with every single moment of a wedding, from the ceremony itself to the reception and they reach their highlight in the after-dinner when the real party begins. A great light designer can transform a luxury wedding into an extraordinary and unforgettable visual moment.
Our light designers can suggest to you some of the most creative solutions enlighten your wedding.
We, at Italy Wedding Planner, together with our team create a touching and evocative ambiance for any kind of wedding in Italy and we can make your event truly memorable.


Our wedding entertainment offer comes always tailored to you and your preferences.
The entertainment part of a wedding has to astonish and amuse all wedding guests but, most of all, it has to make the spouses feel like guests at their party.
We offer a wide variety of entertainment services, to always exceed spouses’ and guests’ expectations.

Would you like to live a real Italian wedding experience?