Italy Wedding Planner: best wedding planners in Italy

Italy Wedding Planner was born in 2006 and in a very few years, it established itself as one of the best wedding planner agencies in Italy, specializing in tailored emotional experiences for luxury weddings.
Its founder, Elvia Venosa, is one of the most influential “Destination Wedding” names in Italy, included by Zankyou and other important magazines in the sector among the 10 best wedding planners in Italy.
For many years, together with her daughter Valeria, Elvia Venosa has been the organizer of great successful international events, including the famous “Wien Grand Ball” in Rome. Their job is to read their customers’ wishes and translate them into reality, by making their dreams come true. Their hallmark is being able to move and fascinate everyone from the very first moment of each event to the grand final. Their challenge is to exceed all possible customer expectations.
Elvia is a successful, romantic, passionate, and creative dreamer and businesswoman. With years of experience in the field of tourism and international events, she is a reference point for everyone, the one able to solve any problem. Thanks to her creativity and passion, she always manages to create extraordinary moments in which you can feel by heart what is impossible to see at sight.
Valeria is a young entrepreneur, enthusiastic and passionate about her work, but also determined and reliable. Although she is young, she has already a lot of experience in organizing international events, and she is very knowledgeable in the digital market and foreign languages. Thanks to her innate organizational skills and a degree in business management, she can perfectly manage the organizational and logistical part of any event according to the available budget.
Elvia and Valeria have always shared a love for Italy and for everything that represents Italian excellence and uniqueness. They have different characters and personalities but when they work together, they balance each other perfectly, so that the potential and skills of one enrich the work of the other.
They firmly believe that the success of each event can only be achieved by teamwork when real professionals work together with passion, competence, and professionalism, each of them in their field. Their role is therefore to coordinate and direct a selected team of suppliers they have the utmost confidence in.
They don’t like to appear as the main characters in the success of an event, but they rather love to work behind the scenes to make your wedding a successful event.

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