Civil ceremony for weddings in Italy

Getting married in Italy with a civil ceremony means having a ceremony legally recognized both in Italy and in your own country.
Until recent years, a civil wedding could be celebrated only at the townhalls, but the growing request for civil ceremonies has convinced many Italian municipalities to offer different kinds of sites acting as Municipal House, such as villas, castles, historic buildings, panoramic terraces with sea view and even beaches.

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Civil ceremonies are celebrated by the Major or by official officers representing the Italian government. For non-Italian-speaking couples, it is necessary to have an authorized and official translator with them.
The civil rite lasts about 20 to 30 minutes.
You will need 2 witnesses that must be over 18.
In case the couple or one of the couple has been married before, a minimum of 300 days must pass since the divorce date to get remarried in Italy.
Therefore, in this case, the bureaucratic procedure should start at least 3 to 6 months in advance before the selected wedding date.
Civil weddings in Italy require the submission of proper documents that can be different depending on the nationality.
It is required to have the approval of the Consulate authorities in Italy and/or the resident country, to get civil married in Italy.
Often all documents can be prepared from abroad or by proxy, but for some countries, documents must be submitted in person in Italy.
Italy Wedding Planner already knows all procedures and will be happy to assist and guide you along the bureaucratic process to help you manage all kinds of formalities.

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