Best dresses for weddings in Italy

At every wedding, the bride’s dress takes always center stage.
Some wedding dresses have made history and created new trends for decades to come. The so-called Helen Rose dress, worn by Grace Kelly in 1956 for her wedding with Prince Ranieri III started a new lace fashion trend that keeps inspiring thousands of brides worldwide.
The traditional white color wedding dress, with laces of any kind and long tulle, has got considerable transformations in the last decades and nowadays every woman can choose her favorite wedding dress by herself and based on her preferences. There is the romantic wedding dress, the classic one, the original dress, the designer’s one, the trendy and the sensual, too. A wedding dress has to reflect a bride’s personality and, at the same time, highlight her most beautiful features.

Choosing a wedding dress is a memorable but demanding challenge, as each wedding dress doesn’t have to be only beautiful, but comfortable too, and, at the same time, it has to be able to reflect the personality of the woman wearing it and make her feel special, wonderful and stylish.
Choosing two dresses for a wedding, the first one being for the ceremony and the second one for the reception party, is the perfect solution to combine glamour and comfort.
Another important element is the veil.
Wedding veils can be made of simple tulle or handmade laces, of the same length as the wedding dress or as a trawl veil.
We highly advise choosing your wedding dress after you have selected your wedding location and defined your wedding style.
Italian fashion is famous worldwide but we highly suggest foreign couples choose and buy their wedding dresses in their own country so that they have enough time to try the dresses on and choose the perfect fitting.
Despite this, please keep in mind that renting a wedding dress is not very common in Italy and there are not many options available.
Whether she is stylish and trendy, romantic or modern, the bride is the star of a wedding day, but let’s not forget the groom, as his look is as important as the one of his partner.
Thanks to our decennial experience in the field of image consulting, we can help you find the perfect wedding dresses that reflect your personality and taste. It is extremely important to us that our brides feel beautiful and charming on their wedding day and that is the reason why we have made an accurate selection of the most exclusive and stylish wedding dresses in Italy.

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