Luis e Andreia: Romantic elopement on a typidal gondola in Venice

Sometimes love is at its finest to the point that two people decide to get married each year in a different place worldwide. This is, in brief, the story of Luis and Andreia, a couple who choose Italy for their 5th wedding abroad.
They were dreaming of a romantic wedding for two in Venice, and after getting in touch, we felt the need to create something magical for them.
A sunset wedding on an authentic gondola, historically used for Dogi’s weddings, refined with handmade inlaid decorations and finished in gold.

Try to imagine the momentum: a luxury gondola with two gondoliers dressed in white and red striped livery, waiting for the spouses at their hotel dock while a violinist played their favorite love song, and having, as a background, the most romantic town in the world: Venice.
While the sky turned red and the romantic notes of the violin were getting lost in the sunset air, the celebrant got on the gondola to celebrate their romantic wedding for two. The gondola kept sailing among the stunning Venice canals while they were enjoying a toast after another.
In the meanwhile, a romantic candlelight dinner with view over Canal Grande was waiting for them at the restaurant “Settimo cielo”, in the 5 star luxury hotel Bauer.
Later in the evening, or the grand finale, we organized a mesmerizing and surreal surprise : we had a a table booked for them in Piazza San Marco, with a small orchestra playing live music while the groom invited his bride to their first dance in the magic and enchanting Venice atmosphere. Astonished tourists were witnessing the scene, wondering if that was real or just a dream.
For that wedding, we took care of: romantic dinner for two location search, catering service, photoshoot, make up and hairstyle, live music for the ceremony and after dinner, celebrant and gondola rental.
Are you thinking of planning your elopement in Venice? Please feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you creating an exclusive wedding experience in Venice for you.

Would you like to live a real Italian wedding experience?