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Category Archives: FAQ

Will it be possible to have site inspections?

Site inspections are free only after the couple signed an agreement with IWP. If you haven’t signed the agreement yet we may accompany you during the inspections, but there will be a variable fee based on the position and the number of the locations you intend to visit.


How much decision-making power will the wedding planner have in the organization of my event?

We do not like to replace our clients in the choices they have to make. The decisions will be yours, with an extra touch: our experience and professionalism, in addition to ideas, possibilities, proposals expressly thought for you.


How will the organization of the wedding day be structured? (Will you be there? What will you do?)

Usually the day of the wedding two or three people from our staff will be there.
We will be the first to arrive to the location of the ceremony to receive and coordinate the suppliers. We will receive the guests at their arrival to the ceremony and the reception, we will control the timing set together and we will oversee that everything would be correctly carried out by the vendors. We will be available to respond to every request the couple may have and to solve any accident.


Do you follow more than one wedding at the same time? (the day of the wedding)

We want your event to be exclusive and customized, therefore the day of your wedding we would commit only to its realization.


Would you follow our budget?

We manage the budget that the couple indicates us, keeping under control every expense and avoiding, when possible, unexpected additional costs.


What’s the cost of your services? How is it calculated?

We do not work on percentage basis of the total budget; instead, we base our fees on the complexity of the event, the required services, the number of expected guests.  The cost of our service is clear, transparent and definitive.


What are the benefits?

a. Saving time
b. Saving money
c. Considerable stress reduction
d. Excellent result


Why would you hire a wedding planner?

Searching vendors for your wedding could seem something easy and quick thanks to the Internet. Actually, we know it’s not like that: it takes a very long time and an excellent analytical capability to select them according to their qualities and your budget. This process could be lightened and tackled by choosing a professional wedding planner who will propose different solutions in terms of selected and trustworthy vendors, planning everything according to your desires, your expectations and your budget.
In this way you can enjoy the pleasant and funny part of the preparation, considering that the event would be managed by a professional who will be your reference point.