Entertainment for Indian Weddings in Italy

India is a very diverse country with a rich heritage and culture, and Indian wedding music tends to vary greatly between the regions.

In India, wedding music is basically a mixed bag as it contains traditional, folk and contemporary themes.

Entertainment is another important part of any event, and we want your guests can walk away with an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Traditional groups that play Indian classical music usually include instruments such as sitar, tabla, tempura, dhol, and tumba. However, modern Indian weddings often include a DJ playing contemporary music as well as the more traditional aspects.

Whether you want a DJ, live musicians, Dhol Players, Bollywood or Bangra dancers, no request is too large or outlandish, we can provide you with unique and exclusive wedding entertainment to ensure you celebrate in a typical Indian style your wedding in Italy.

Our Indian music expert can help you to choose the right music for every occasion:

  • Sangeet party
  • Mehndi party
  • Baraat
  • Wedding ceremony and  after dinner party