Graphic and wedding favors for weddings in Italy

Wedding announcements are very important tools to add character to your wedding. They are the very first detail describing and talking about your wedding, and we will make sure they are a great starting point. They are a great opportunity to let your guests know what kind of wedding they are going to attend, helping them to figure out the atmosphere wrapping them up that day, what kind of dress to wear, and what to expect.
The graphic project will be designed by our graphic designers according to your wishes and the style of your wedding in Italy, with a focus on materials, colors and fonts used. The care we take on these little details is fundamental to creating a graphic project able to talk about you.
Invitations and wedding announcements can be formal, friendly, stylish, and original but the most important is that they have to reveal your taste and style in terms of the event you are going to plan. The graphic style you choose is going to be reproduced and recreated on all your paper sets: on menus, table signs, placeholders, wedding flavors cards, tableau, thank you cards, mess handbook, guest programs.
Graphic for weddings in Italy is not a small detail to forget, but a very important feature on your wedding plan!

Wedding Favors

Italian wedding favors are simply wonderful and they can be personalised according to your needs and budget.
Wedding favors are a love sign to gift your guests with, in order to thank them for attending your wedding and as a long lasting memory of the event, for family and friends. Our suggestions are always refined and stylish. We can provide wedding favors of allkinds, hand made or painted by local artists, but also personalised small gift boxes or confetti bags, personalised bottles of wine, limoncello or extra virgin oil.
It doesn’t matter what you choose, these graceful Italian wedding favors are going to be precious memories of your wedding in Italy.

Would you like to live a real Italian wedding experience?