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Our Story

Wedding Planner is in business for the last 15 years. We deal with wedding planning, romantic proposal set-ups, and special events besides honeymoons.


What Is Special About Us?

We have served to 45 different nationalities and very well aware of the different legal procedures and traditions of those countries. It is easy for us to find out the others since we know how to get that piece of info. We have a great portfolio of vendors and most important the goodwill!


Thank you so much Briana! We had such an amazing time! It was everything we hoped for and we couldn’t have asked for better.

Gina & Andrew
Williams Family

Where Do We Do Start?

Simply contact us by calling, Email or Skype to discuss your wedding. Tell us about what you have in mind for your big day. Let us give you some great destination wedding ideas, know about the size of the wedding, type of ceremony, reception and budget you would like.

Phone : 40 985 9869

Our Gear

We have assisted many couples since 2005 and helped them to arrange their official civil wedding ceremony beside picking their wedding places. We love what we are doing, we are flexible and easy to communicate. Ask for references, so you can actually speak with previous clients!


What Do We Handle?

Absolutely everything, we are an all inclusive destination weddings company and can handle all elements of your wedding in Venice, including three-day weekend events, religious or civil ceremonies and wedding parties besides creating the dream setting for an unforgettable proposal!