Make up and hair style for weddings in Italy

A bride’s makeup has to resemble not only her personal preferences, but also all the photographic needs around her.
Any little makeup imperfection, a lipstick smear, too much mascara on her lashes or too much make up around her eyes, any small sign on her skin would be immediately highlighted in a photo shoot. When it comes to a bride’s makeup, it is very important to highlight her eyes and lips, giving the feeling she is wearing just little, if none, makeup. Same for her skin, which has to look compact and transparent, avoiding any chromatic difference between her face and the rest of her body.
A wedding day is unique in a lifetime, and this is the reason why it is extremely important and necessary to have professional makeup artists using high quality makeup products. They can guarantee a long lasting makeup and a stunning and perfect shooting performance.
We have selected the best makeup artists for weddings in Italy and they will be happy to suggest the best makeup for you, based on the color of your skin, your kind of skin and the wedding dress you have chosen.

Bride’s hair style

A bride’s hair style is what we defines the final touch of her wedding look.
It is very important to keep in mind professional advices of whoever will be in charge of a bride’s hairstyle, but, of course, the bride has her last word on it and her opinion is the most important to keep in mind in order to have a final wedding look completely reflecting her personality.
It is advisable not to choose a too excessive hair style or one that is too far from a bride’s personality. When choosing a wedding hair style the most important is that the bride must feels it comfortable and authentic. We will be the ones taking care of informing your hair stylists about your wedding style and show them your dress. They also need to know the location and season you have selected, as some climate factors like humidity and high temperatures can influence the chosen hairstyle.
We work together with famous hairstylists able to highlight each woman’s beauty and femininity, starting from each bride’s personal features and keeping in mind the dress and veil but also the wedding location and style. Our experts use only high quality products to ensure a very resistant makeup and hairstyle, perfect for photo and video shoots but mostly to make you feel…irresistibly beautiful!

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