Mandaps for Indian Weddings in Italy

The Mandap serves as the altar for Indian weddings.

Your choice of mandap is important in creating the desired impact and atmosphere for your Indian wedding in Italy. It is the eye-catching centerpiece of the wedding venue and it forms the sacred space for traditional Hindu weddings, it serves as the stage where guests and family witness the union of the couple.

The Mandap is usually placed on a raised platform allowing guests to clearly see the wedding ceremony from their seats. It consists of four pillars, symbolizing the four parents who worked hard to raise their children, it has got to have proper seating arrangement for the bride, groom, their parents and the pandit.

Mandap Decorations

Italy Wedding Planner Team can create and customize your Mandap. It can be square or round, classic or contemporary, it can be tailored using different accessories such as flowers, Indian fabrics, lighting and backdrops to compliment your chosen venue and set the perfect stage for your Indian wedding in Italy.