Henna – Mehndi for Indian weddings in Italy

Mehndi is an important custom of a traditional Indian wedding. We have an exclusive team of experts in dulhan mehndi, trained as per indian traditions. Our henna artists can create any fabulous look desired by the Bride and they can also offer expert input to ensure the design comes out stunningly.

The Mehndi ceremony is a pre wedding party with close relatives and friends of the bride in attendance. During the party the bride and the guests gets their hands adorned with typical indian style mehndi.


During marriages in India, both the bride and groom have their hands and legs painted with Mehndi designs. This is considered to bring good luck to the couple. Also, as per various legends, it is said that, darker the color of bride/groom’s Mehndi, more will be the love between them. For this reason the Mehndi ceremony is organized one or two days before the wedding so that at the time of the actual wedding, it is at its brightest best.

The bride-to-be gets the most detailed and lavish henna work. As a matter of fact, the bridal henna work often takes hours and is done by the master artist.