Music for weddings in Italy

The music entertainment at your wedding does not have to be underestimated. Your wedding can be enriched by music if this is carefully planned and selected; the perfect music helps create great vibes and unforgettable memory of such a special day.
the music selection needs to reflect your love story and emphasize every emotion and feeling both at the ceremony and the reception party.
We, at Italy Wedding Planner, will assist you in choosing the best Italian musicians, based on your needs and music preferences.
The available options are never-ending. You can choose a talented arch quartet or a guitar or mandolin player, or an accordionist, but also jazz musicians or a swing music band and even a DJ. Weddings in Italy are more magic if you hire great musicians.
Music tracks mark the rhythm, influence the mood and emphasize the top moments of your wedding, starting from the church or town hall.
Music is the soundtrack of your wedding and it is meant to highlight the special moments of that day.

The arrival and entrance of the bride is the most touching and emotional moment of a wedding ceremony.
If you choose a Catholic ceremony, you don’t have a lot of freedom in terms of music preferences inside the church, but if you have rather opted for a civil, symbolic, or Lutheran wedding, you can choose the music you prefer or the soundtrack of your love story.

Aperitif – Dinner
For the aperitif and pre-dinner, it is advisable to choose a pleasant and enthusiastic music background that can enhance a relaxed and sweet atmosphere.
Instead, during dinner, it is preferable a light and noninvasive music background, in order not to disturb the convivial ambiance.

The first dance of the newlyweds and guests dancing
Your first dance is the moment that opens the dances and there is nothing more romantic than sharing this special moment with your love on the tunes of a romantic love song, the most important of your love story.
When your guests will join you on the dance floor, the important is that everyone can have a good time together. If suitable, you can add an extra touch of folklore with traditional Neapolitan musicians, tarantella, or pizzica dancers.

Italy Wedding Planner has made a careful selection of top music professionals and we are happy to offer you the best wedding music set in Italy to satisfy any kind of music taste.

Would you like to live a real Italian wedding experience?