Michela e Andreas: Natural chic wedding on the Dolomiti mountains

“ We love nature, colors, scents, and the special light of our valleys and mountains, so we would love an unique and unforgettable wedding on the Dolomite”.
Michela is a stylish girl who loves following the latest fashion trends and even more, she loves the mountains with its warm and welcoming settings, and, last but not least, country music.
Andreas is a famous tennis champion and shares with Michela his passion for the mountains.
It has been wonderful to listen to Michela when she described the feelings her beloved mountains gift her every season with.
We therefore thought to create a moving experience able to revive the magic of Nature and its chromatic changes through different wedding moments: Spring for the ceremony, Summer for the aperitif, Autumn for the dinnertime and Winter for the after dinner.

Spring is the period of the year when cherry flowers become fruits. Cherry trees represent serenity, beauty, and prosperity. That is how we transformed the central nave of Ortisei church in a stunning cherry spring garden, despite the fact we were in September.
Everyone got goosebumps when Michela entered the church arm in arm with her dad on the notes of an extraordinary gospel choir performance.
A famous poem by Pablo Neruda says: “I’d love to do with you what Spring does with cherries”. We thought this was the best wish to gift this young couple, aiming to tell the world their love for each other and the dream of giving birth to a new family.
The aperitif on a panoramic terrace facing on the Alpe de Siusi represented Summer, with its vibrant shining colors, country music, and delicious appetizers. We created a truly relaxed and joyful atmosphere, planned in little details to involve and fulfill all senses while gifting guests with memorable emotions.
The dinner set up represented Autumn, with a relaxing and warm setting in the typical Fall colors, with shades of yellow, red, and orange.
During dinner, some short entertainment shows of famous International artists made the ambiance even more pleasant and sweet.
We organized a Manzanite centerpiece with Autumn floral compositions describing the moment of the year when leaves fall off the trees and, almost like dancing, they go resting on the ground.
For after dinner, everything was transformed in white to represent Winter on the Dolomite.
A huge tensile structure of a clear starring night, tree branches adorned with white flowers all around and a big stoned brazier had been assembled, while an open bar, a 7 seven-story cake, good music, and lovely friends made the most to have a good time all night long.
A wedding at 2400 mt high is a truly moving experience, impossible to describe and to forget.
For this wedding, we took care of the following services: floral arrangement, photo and video shooting, light and audio set up, tensile structure assemblement, music, show entertainment, and graphic set.
Are you in love with the mountains and thinking of organizing your natural chic wedding on the Dolomite? Please get in touch and we will be happy to help you organize your exclusive wedding on the Dolomiti.

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