Our vision

History, art, unique natural landscapes, ancient traditions, excellent food and wine, and people able to make you smile and always feel at home: this is Italy for us!
We believe in true beauty, in Italian people’s ability to always amaze, create, share and get there, where no others can.
What Italy Wedding Planner offers is an exciting and exclusive journey into β€œItalianity”, together with unique, authentic, and high-quality experiences, to very demanding international clients who, by preferring emotions to pomp, have chosen to have a destination wedding in Italy.
We are constantly looking for natural settings and unusual locations that may look simple but are full of stories and emotions to share.
If you have chosen Italy for your promise of love, you will know that, whether by the sea or in the countryside, every city or village, offers truly stunning corners that can be the perfect settings for your wedding. We prefer to think that, by having this immense natural, historical, artistic, and food and wine heritage available, our task is to make the most out of the place you have chosen, respecting its identity, instead of hiding its natural charm with tons of cut flowers. We love our weddings to be in harmony with nature, and we prefer to use local organic products to give you an authentic and high-quality real Italian experience.

For us, luxury does not mean pomp or ostentation:

  • It is something else, such as having the opportunity to immerse yourself and be involved in the natural beauty of what surrounds you.
  • It means giving life to warm and engaging atmospheres, made of suggestive images, flavors, aromas, and sounds, typical of the Italian wedding destination you choose.
  • It means satisfying all senses at once, sight, taste, hearing, smell, and touch, through the uniqueness of Italian excellence.
  • It also means attention to detail. Every small detail of your wedding will be taken care of, with the utmost precision and professionalism, with the same attention and dedication of the good masters of the Italian tailoring tradition.
  • It means creating a unique and quality Italian wedding experience where everyone, from the bride and groom to their guests, will feel like the main characters and not bare spectators.
  • And, last but not least, It means to revive typical Italian traditions through surprising and amusing entertainment moments.

If you want your wedding to be remembered forever as a memorable experience, we suggest the first two steps: choose Italy as your wedding destination and choose Italy Wedding Planner as your Italian luxury wedding coordinator. Making these two choices will guarantee you a 100% successful event.

Would you like to live a real Italian wedding experience?