Antonella and Reza: an exclusive Persian wedding in Italy

The enchantment of Antonella and Reza’s cross-cultural wedding with Persian rite, a magical interweaving of traditions from distant lands converged in an unforgettable celebration of love.
When Antonella&Reza contacted us for their exclusive Persian wedding in Italy, it was clear their desire to get married in a location rich in Italian history and art possibly on one of the Italian lakes. Villa Bettoni because of its location and strong architectural and artistic identity was our first proposal and they were fascinated. Located on the shores of Lake Garda, this architectural marvel offered a breathtaking setting that captured the essence of natural beauty and art.

Antonella’s Italian roots and Reza’s Persian heritage intertwined in an enchanting wedding that took guests on a fascinating journey to discover the ancient traditions of their home countries. The ceremony was celebrated in 3 languages: Italian, Farsi and English. The ceremony followed traditional Persian ritual, with Sofreh-ye Aghd taking center stage. The wedding banquet was richly adorned with symbols of prosperity and good luck. A central mirror symbolizing brightness toward the future; two candelabra representing fire and energy burning brightly; spices emanating their enveloping scents-every detail contributed to an atmosphere of magic and deep meaning. At the end of the ceremony, as the sun languished on the horizon and hearts were swollen with emotion, Antonella and Reza paid tribute to a very special person. In a moving and symbolic gesture, they released 77 white butterflies into the sky to honor the memory of Reza’s grandmother, who had passed away a few months earlier. All the guests were amazed by the unspeakable beauty of what lay before their eyes as they reached the Villa’s panoramic terrace from the monumental garden. A super wow effect made of magic, elegance, refinement representative of the purely Italian style. The aperitif area with large powder blue sofas by the Lake, wonderful flower arrangements, a pleasant open bar with Campari Spritz and Italian delicacies and some excellent live music were ready to welcome the guests and delight their 5 senses. The reception was an ode to the beauty of the lake and its majesty. Crystal chandeliers that shone like stars in the night sky, mise en place with ethereal tones that reflected the blue of the lake, transported guests into a world of elegance and sophistication. The tablecloth made for the occasion for the long imperial table with toile de joile fabric added a touch of fantasy and magic. The color combination of white and powder blue helped create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The coordinated graphic design entirely handmade by an Italian artist emphasized the extreme care of every small detail. And when the night gave way to celebration, dances united cultures in a harmonious symphony of joy and celebration. Southern Italian pizzica and Persian dances mingled in a whirlwind of emotions, resulting in a performance that enchanted and engaged all present. The cutting of the cake was preceded by a traditional Persian dance,the cake knife dance. When the bride and groom are ready to cut the cake, they must earn the knife. A family member or friend starts dancing with the knife, and the bride and groom must offer money to the dancing friend in exchange for the knife. The dance will continue until one of the dancers decides she has been won over by the offered money and gives the couple her cake knife in return. To conclude this unique wedding, an exclusive Italian band and an Iranian DJ accompanied the guests until late into the night. For this wedding we took care of: location research, catering, open bar, bride’s make up and hair
style, floral arrangements, creation of custom mise en place and arrangements, custom graphic coordination, photo and video service, music for the ceremony and reception, transfers for the bride and groom and guests, children’s entertainment. Thinking of planning your exclusive Persian wedding in Italy? Contact us and we will be happy to help you realize your exclusive Persian wedding in Italy.

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