Photos and videos for weddings in Italy

Wedding photos are similar to a treasure chest, holding and enclosing love, promises, memories, passion and joy: it is that, that makes them eternal and priceless at the same time.
A wedding is a unique and special moment and for our spouse it always feels like ending too soon. That is the reason why photos are so important, as they are the a tangible memory of your special day.
We, at Italy Wedding Planner, have selected the best Italian photographers to partner with. Each selected photographer has their own style, but they are all amazing professionals, able to capture the most spontaneous end touching moments on your wedding and transform everything in special and unforgettable lifetime memories.
Nowadays, most couples prefer to have a spontaneous and stylish wedding reportage therefore it is very important for a photographer to be able to work close to the spouses with respect and sensibility.
A wedding reportage has to be able to transform in images and tell the story of your wedding dream in Italy. We believe a great photo is worth a thousand words… what about you?

Wedding Videos

The aim of a wedding video is telling love stories in images.
Each couple is special and unique and a great videographer has to be able to show them in the most authentic way.
Wedding days always go too fast, that is the reason why a wedding video has to be able to make the spouses remember those moments, all details and feelings on their special day forever. A wedding video should have a cinematic style, be dynamic , romantic, moving and pleasant, paying attention on each single detail of your special day.
The starting point of a good wedding video-editing job is matching it with the right music soundtrack, inspiring the rhythm, cuts and editing times. We highly suggest each couple to choose different music soundtracks for their wedding video so that the video editor can use the music selected and loved by the spouses.
Many couples request drone images to be added to their wedding movie. The result can be very evocative and of high impact, even though the secret is….not to exaggerate with it.
A 20-25 minute video normally manages to tell and show the most important and touching moments of a wedding without being boring. However, often a shorter 2-3 minute version is created next to the extended version, just to have a lighter version of it.
In order to make the video more real and touching, a very important detail is leaving the original audio of the most important moments, such as: the wedding rings exchange, the marriage vows, the moment the couple leaves the church, and some other moments of joy with family and friends during the wedding reception.
Italy Wedding Planner has selected the best Italian videographers for your luxury wedding in Italy. It is therefore very important to rely on qualified professionals for your Italian wedding.

Would you like to live a real Italian wedding experience?