Religious ceremony for weddings in Italy

If you dream of a religious ceremony on your wedding day in Italy, you will be spoiled for choices. Worship places of each religion are widely available all over Italy.
Whatever is your religion or ceremony you dream of, whether is Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Jewish, Hindu, or Islamic, Italy wedding Planner can help you make it happen.
In Italy, any kind of non-Catholic marriage is not legally binding, even if it keeps its religious status.
The Catholic Concordance marriage (Matrimonio Cattolico Concordatario) is a wedding with religious rites and valid legal effects.

Catholic Wedding ceremony

Getting married in Italy with a Catholic wedding ceremony means the possibility to choose the perfect location for your wedding among some of the most stunning churches in the world. You can choose among churches and cathedrals but also tiny chapels in ancient castles or Medieval villages or even lost in the countryside.
A Catholic wedding can be celebrated only in a consecrated church or chapel. It is not possible to celebrate a Catholic wedding outdoor. In very few cases, it may be possible to celebrate it right on the doorstep of a consecrated Church front door and only by an authorized priest.
Usually, the catholic celebrations are in Italian. In case the couple doesn’t speak Italian, Italy Wedding Planner can introduce you to priests speaking your language.
It is not possible to get married with a Catholic ceremony in case one of the spouses or both have been previously married with Catholic rite (they can get married inside a Church again only if the previous marriage has been canceled by the Sacred Rota or due to the death of the previous partner).

Before the wedding, the couple needs to provide the following documents:
· Baptism Certificate ( issued by the parish where you were baptized).
· Confirmation Certificate (if you have not confirmed yet, it is mandatory to do it before the wedding).
· Stato Libero Ecclesiastico certificate (Free Ecclesiastic status Certificate), certifying that both parties have not been previously married with a Catholic rite.
· Certificate of attendance on completion of the pre-wedding course.
· “Nihil obstat” or approval of ecclesiastical authority if the couple wants to get married outside their parish or the residence municipality. This document must be requested by the Ecclesiastic Curia.

Italy Wedding Planner will assist you along the whole bureaucratic process.

Getting married inside the Vatican

Probably you didn’t know, but you can even choose to get married and celebrate a Catholic wedding inside the Vatican, the holiest site of Christianity.
The Vatican is a tiny state inside the city of Rome. It doesn’t need any presentation and despite looking inaccessible to many, the truth is that it is possible to get married inside some of its stunning churches and chapels.

Getting married in Peter’s Basilica

Getting married inside St. Peter’s Basilica is not a forbidden dream. A Catholic wedding inside the sacred heart of Christianity is a dream for all Catholic couples around the world and, with the help of the Italy Wedding Planner, it will not be as difficult as it sounds and such a dream can easily become true. The special atmosphere of a wedding inside St. Peter’s is incomparable, and its stunning beauty will wrap you in a perfect frame and background.
Weddings at St. Peter’s Basilica can be celebrated only inside Cappella del Coro, located in the middle of the left side nave.

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