Veronica e Antonio: Shabby chic wedding

Veronica and Antonio loved simple but authentic things, they were fascinated by any kind of thing or place that had a story to tell.
This is also the reason why they got fascinated by Casale Torre Sant’ Anastasia, a delightful location with an original World War I hangar located in its park.

Veronica loves shabby chic style, and apparently disregarded style which is actually the result of a lot of studies and attention to detail.
Laces and linen and delightful floral fabrics were used to handcraft every little detail of this wedding.
For the Catholic ceremony, they chose the Basilica of San Sebastiano fuori le mura, a beautiful church on the Appia Antica.
Kneelers, witnesses seats, glass cylinders of various sizes had been covered with raw linen and antique lace applications placed along the aisle. The pastel color flowers and the materials chosen for the setting transformed the usually cold and austere basilica atmosphere into a warm and welcoming ambiance.
We love designing special atmospheres that can move people and feelings because we are convinced that the most beautiful and exciting things in life are invisible to the eyes and can be felt only by the heart.
For the aperitif, we wanted a welcoming and informal ambiance to make guests feel like being in a newlyweds’ country house. In the garden, we created a cheerful, pleasant, and welcoming atmosphere with lanterns, wrought iron sets, wooden benches, and lots of cushions to relax and chat. A wonderful garden, good company, and the smell of pizza cooked on sight in a wooden oven delighted the happy guests for dinner.
The tableau marriage reproducing a small grandmother pantry filled with tiny and sweet jars of jam evoked the pleasure of simple good things.
The hanger atmosphere created for dinner was truly suggestive and cozy, with oval tables, small vases, and hand-painted bottles decorated with antique lace and beautiful floral fabrics, while a light set and soft background music cheered everyone.
For after dinner, in addition to the DJ set, we set up some fun and original entertainment corners, such as a photo booth box and a caricaturist.
For this wedding, we took care of location research, catering, coordinated graphics, floral arrangements, photos and videos, wedding dress, make-up and hairstyle, furniture rental, ceremony and reception music, children’s corner and entertainment, lights, and transfers.
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