Alberto e Francesca: Vintage wedding in Rome

Francesca and Alberto already had two beautiful children when they contacted us to organize their wedding in Rome. They are a very happy, positive, and even a bit revolutionary couple, and for such an occasion they wished to have an outdoor party with an informal and joyful atmosphere.
A couple who believed in the value of family, who, after so many years living together, had made up their mind to make their union official before God.

They were nostalgic and passionate about the ‘50s, the years of Dolce Vita, of that historic period when people rediscovered Hope and the desire to have fun. An era that perfectly described the identity of this couple and that we used as an inspiration for a retro’ wedding experience.
The bride’s entry into the church was very emotional as it was anticipated by their children’s entrance, wearing a matching dress with their parents. It is impossible to describe Alberto’s happy and proud gaze as his excited children walked towards him, waiting for them on the altar.
The bride was wearing a handcrafted powder pink dress with a matching veil, giving the dress that refined, feminine, and slightly retro touch.
Upon leaving the church, a vintage Triumph was waiting for them to bring the whole family to a wonderful villa on Appia Antica park.
For the reception, our goal was to recreate the simple and joyful atmosphere of an outdoor dinner with friends. We set up long tables with polka dot runners, ivy plants as a symbol of their love power, and glass structures with different types of flowers to symbolize their desire for simplicity and authenticity.
When it came to the menu, we chose simple dishes, for them to appreciate the excellence of raw food used, savor the taste, and be inebriated by its scent.
Finally, a delicious dessert buffet and a live band playing the most famous pieces of the ‘50s made the atmosphere irresistible and engaging, with everyone on the dance floor, dancing and having fun.
For this wedding, we took care of location research, catering, coordinated graphic set up, floral arrangements, photos and videos, make-up and hairdressing, furniture rental, music for ceremony and reception, entertainment for children, entertainment, transfer, and accommodation for the spouses and guests.
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