Stella e Stefano: Wedding in a castle by the sea

Stella and Stefano live in Bergamo, their dream is to get married on the Amalfi Coast, a place they love for its beauty and proximity to their origins.
They have always carried in their hearts the nostalgia for the colors, flavors, and scents of their land.
Stella immediately describes herself as a romantic dreamer who, as a child, dreamed of getting married to her prince in a wonderful castle.

We, therefore, decided to transform her dream into a splendid reality by offering them a medieval castle as their wedding location, with a panoramic view over the sea.
Stella and Stefano were very in love and enthusiastic about going through life together, they firmly believed that love was the key to happiness.
We decided the “key to happiness” had to be the symbol to get inspired for personalizing their wedding, and LOVE became the main character in Stella’s fairy tale.
The religious ceremony with a Catholic rite was celebrated in the Cathedral of Ravello, which offers a breathtaking view over the Amalfi coast.
Guests found themselves in an otherwordly unreal dimension when they went out of the church and saw the most beautiful views in the world right in front of them. A magical vision of infinity gives you a feeling of serenity and empowerment at the same time.
Driving through the panoramic road leading to the castle was a succession of pleasant emotions involving all senses and enhancing guests to immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of the Amalfi Coast: blue sky reflected in the sea, small colored houses perched on the mountain, green and yellow lemon groves overlooking the coast and the bright colors of bougainvillea all around.
On that evening, In the castle, everything was about love and the atmosphere was so romantic and exciting.
A jazz quintet welcomed guests for an aperitif in the garden with a panoramic view over the beautiful gulf and the mighty Mount Vesuvius. For the occasion, the garden had been set up with romantic lanterns, flowers, and cushions embroidered with famous love quotes.
The romantic winter garden was the perfect setting for their wedding dinner, set among ancient olive trees, a starring night sky, and beautiful centerpieces.
For the menu, we decided to use only excellent local products, typical of the area, in order to inebriate guests with flavors and aromas of such a special place.
And last but not least, the dinner ended up with a large buffet of Neapolitan desserts, an open bar, excellent live music, and everyone’s wish to make to have a good time.
For this wedding, we took care of the following services: location research, catering, bridal make-up and hairstyle, floral arrangements, furniture rental, photos and videos, ceremony and reception music, coordinated paper, and transfers.
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