Wedding in Apulia

A wedding in Apulia is currently the trendiest choice for luxury Italian-style weddings.
Getting married in Apulia is a trip in the past, where present and future meet, a sensorial experience inspired by nature, traditions, ancient flavors, and scents where you can experience and treasure memorable emotions at your Italian wedding.
Apulia is a solar, picturesque region, rich in folklore. It is similar to a treasure chest and those who dare to discover it, they usually fall in love with it forever.
This region will welcome you with open arms and with its culture, history, old traditions, wine and food traditions, its stunning coasts and turquoise waters, and last but not least with the beauty and heart warmth of its generous people. A wedding in Apulia is the best choice for those wishing to have the exciting experience of a luxury wedding in Italy and looking for real authenticity, both in terms of places and ambiance, two of the top excellences of “Made in Italy”.

Why choose to get married in Apulia for a destination wedding?

AUTHENTICITY AND LOCATION VARIETY: this region gift its visitors with natural wonders ranging from the green of the Mediterranean scrub to the silver of the olive fields.
The ever-changing colors of vineyards and garden fields slowly give space to the deep red color of the land, while the blinding light of the small fishing villages alternates to the deep blue of the sea.
The dry and wild landscape of the Murge area, the fairytale scenery of Alberobello or Valle D’Itria, with its sweet trullis, Costa Merlata, and the area of Salento with its turquoise waters will welcome you for an unparalleled sight made of unique and perfect sceneries for your exclusive luxury wedding in Apulia.
–  GENUINE CUISINE AND BIOLOGICAL INGREDIENTS: Apulia is famous worldwide for its excellent cuisine, which is simple, authentic, and of high quality. It is made only with local ingredients and ancient recipes and handed down from generations.
Among the most famous Apulian specialties there are handmade Orecchiette pasta, Altamura bread, burrata cheese, and the local extra virgin oil.
This wonderful region is also famous for its fresh seafood, perfect for your Apulian wedding feast.
EXCELLENT WINE: Apulia is considered the place of neverending Spring and its great weather conditions have made it perfect for the production of excellent full-bodied wines. Negroamaro, Primitivo di Manduria and Nero di Troia are 3 of the most important types of Apulian wines.
FEELING LIKE A STAR: From Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel to the royal family’s friends, many VIPs have chosen Apulia as a perfect location to celebrate their exclusive and luxurious Italian weddings. This has captured the interest of mass media and made Apulia famous as a perfect destination for luxury weddings in Italy.
TRADITIONS: For those choosing to get married in Apulia, traditions move according to the rhythm of “pizzica”, the traditional folk dance that can be great showtime at your Italian wedding.


If you are looking for a Catholic wedding in Apulia, you can choose among many charming Romanic churches famous and their enchanting simplicity or among a huge variety of monumentally decorated Baroque churches, too.
Civil rite weddings can be celebrated in the town halls’ halls of every town or village and some authorized locations.
When it comes to symbolic weddings, there are no limits, instead. You just have to pick up the Apulian scenery that best suits your love story. We will do the rest!

Locations for your wedding in Apulia

A wedding in the Apulia region is always unique and original thanks to its wide selection of locations available locally.
Apulia is famous for its typical “masserie”, old turf farmhouses often surrounded by high walls to protect its inhabitants. In the past, they looked like small Italian castles and among their protective walls, the old peasants families lived and worked.
If you choose a masseria for your wedding, you will have not only a luxurious wedding location but also a real “time travel” experience.
If you prefer a very original Italian-styled wedding, the perfect location could be the area near Alberobello with its typical “trulli”, the most original and stunning wedding background you could ever find.
Italy Wedding Planner’s team is happy to show and introduce you to many other wedding locations, such as luxurious hotels, ancient castles, or spectacular beach clubs.

Would you like to live a real Italian wedding experience?