Wedding in Sicily

A wedding in Sicily is a top experience for those loving and looking to enjoy the small things in life.
If you love the sea, history, ancient art, good food, excellent wine, and folklore then Sicily is the perfect place to live and experience an authentic and exclusive Italian wedding.
Taormina, Cefalù, the Aeolian Islands, Favignana isle, Marzamemi village, Scopello, Noto, Marsala, Erice, the Rabbits isle are unique and authentic backgrounds we could use to create your exclusive and original Sicilian wedding.
The historic, artistic, cultural, and tradition richness and variety is the wonderful legacy handed down by all the people that have colonized this island during the past.
The historic, natural and cultural grandeur of such a small island located in the blue waters of Southern Italy is witnessed by 7 Unesco heritage sites: The Archeological park of Agrigento, the Aeolian islands, Noto valley, Mount Etna, the Arabic-Normal path, Syracuse, Pantalica rock-hewn necropolis, Armerina square, and Villa del Casale.
In Sicily, there are 2 international airports: Catania and Palermo.
Getting married in Sicily means having a Mediterranean climate, with hot and very long Summers.

Why choose to get married in Sicily for a destination wedding?

HISTORY: Greeks, Romans, Normans, Spaniards, Arabs, and many more people settled down on Sicily during the centuries, leaving rich evidence of their presence in this island’s architecture, landscape and culture. This cultural legacy has mixed with the local one, making Sicily a truly unique region.
WONDERFUL LANDSCAPES AND HEADY SCENTS: Each corner of Sicily has spectacular and unique scenery: sea, mountains, rivers, natural reserves, valleys, plains, vineyards, and citrus groves.
The scent of citrus and jasmine together with the medlars blooming wrap the ancient villages and their gardens all around in a magic atmosphere, creating truly magic scenery for your wedding in Sicily.
EXCELLENT FOOD AND GREAT WINE: In Sicily food is a pleasure, it means sharing and conviviality, it is an act of love and hospitality. We guarantee you will not get disappointed by the richness of the typical Sicilian flavors, strong and soft at the same time. The excellence of the raw ingredients, such as freshly caught fish, tender fine meat, fresh vegetable, and oil make Sicilian food famous worldwide.
Its iconic recipes are arancini, cannoli, granita, Pasta alla Norma and ricotta cheese with sardines. We are sure your guest will never forget the food and wine experience at your wedding.
COLORS AND SICILIAN ART: Sicily is a swirl of impressive, heartwarming, and joyful colors, similar to those decorations of the traditional Sicilian carts or of the festive light displays. Sicily is an explosion of lights and colors. Everything is “excessive” in Sicily, similar to the feast of flavors of Sicilian cassata, the traditional ceramics or “teste di Moro”, nowadays a worldwide symbol, of Sicily, its art and genius, but also the myriads of fabrics and clothes copied from the latest fashion, not to mention the neverending variety of local handmade tassels and laces.
FOLKLORE: Sicilian folklore is evocative, fascinating, and rich. You can feel and experience it in the daily life of its people, in the bright colors of their traditional costume, in their typical daily objects, not to mention their colorful open-air village feasts with dances, music, and fireworks.


The available church selection to celebrate a Catholic wedding in Sicily is among one of the widest and most beautiful in the entire country, and you can choose from big cathedrals to tiny chapels in the countryside.
Each town or village town hall has its hall, used for civil weddings, the most famous of which is the one in Noto.
If you rather prefer a symbolic wedding in Sicily, you only have to choose which corner of paradise can better suit your dreams among the thousands available. Italy Wedding Planner can also organize Jewish, Hindu, and Protestant weddings in Sicily.

Wedding locations in Sicily

Wedding locations in Sicily are extraordinarily original. You will be able to choose among stunning Baroque buildings, traditional villas surrounded by citrus groves, ancient Saracen towers with amazing sea views, countryside farms among olive and carob trees, old tonnaras, or the typical countryside courthouses called bagli. This is not a dream! There are so many different authentic options available for you and your guests. The choice is truly wide and with the help of Italy Wedding Planner, you will be able to easily find the ideal location suiting your dream wedding in Sicily.

Would you like to live a real Italian wedding experience?