Getting married in Venice

Getting married in Venice is a dream for thousands of couples in love from all over the world.
Choosing Venice as a wedding destination is a fantastic idea to live an exclusive and exciting experience of Italian Wedding.
Your wedding in Venice will be romantic, stylish, unique and a once in a lifetime experience, thanks to the beauty of such a unique site in the world.
A water town without roads, where cars are therefore banned to give space to canals and bridges and where the only official means of transport are traditional “gondolas” or small boats.
Astonishment…wonder….joy…this and more is what you and your guests will feel when admiring this town’s unique beauty. Choosing to get married in Venice means experiencing the luxury of authentic emotions with sounds, sceneries, scents, and flavors involving and satisfying all your senses.
Your wedding day in Venice will be softly wrapped by the magic and fascinating ambiance of the Dogi’s town and every single moment will stay in your heart and memory forever. On top of that, you will be surrounded by unique natural, historic and architectural beauty, a wonderful gift for you and your guests.
If you aim at having a romantic and fine wedding, if you aim to astonish your guests with an extraordinary and breathtaking set design, then Venice is the perfect wedding destination for you.

Why choose to get married in Venice for a destination wedding?

BREATHTAKING SCENERIES, ART, AND CULTURE: Venice is romantic, mysterious, glamour, elegant, luxurious, exclusive, cozy, and intimate, in one word perfect for such an important day as a wedding or an anniversary.
Entering Venice is like entering a new and different dimensional world, made of stunning and different levels of Beauty.
Each museum, street, or palace shows off its glorious past. By simply talking about Venice recalls thousands of images, even for those who never visited it: with its gondoliers in striped shirts, the Rialto bridge or the Sights’ bridge (Ponte dei sospiri), masked balls, golden barges, courtesans on gondolas, and noble paces overlooking waterways, the singularity of its atmosphere with its bridges and green reflections over the canals, make Venice a dream destination among all other Italian wedding destinations.

A UNIQUE GONDOLA EXPERIENCE: where else in the world can you celebrate your wedding on a gondola or take a gondola ride after the celebration? Nowhere else. Indeed, Venice is the only place in the world offering this traditional and typical type of boat, whose experience is something neither you nor your guests will ever forget.
THE WEATHER: Weather-wise, Venice is fresh in Winter and very hot in Summer, meaning that each day of the year can be simply the perfect day for your romantic wedding with Destination Venice.
TRADITIONAL CUISINE: Venice traditional cuisine is very wide, due to its extensive use of spices, historically imported in town by merchants during history. Sarde in saor, bigoli in salsa, salt cod, fegato (liver) alla Veneziana, Risi e Bisi and traditional pastries: these are only a few examples of the traditional Venetian cuisine you can not miss at your wedding in Venice.
For those wishing to deeply immerse themselves in the culinary history and tradition of this town, something not to be missed are chicheti, a delicious experience to do in the traditional bacari Veneziani, consisting in small food samples of the typical Venetian gastronomy, served with a tasty glass of wine or spritz.
WEDDING WITH STAR TREATMENTS:  In recent years, there has been an increasing number of famous and nonfamous couples who chose Venice to promise eternal love to each other’s: from George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s super-secret luxury wedding to the super photographed star Alvaro Morata and Alice Campello.


No matter what your religion is, getting married in Venice means for your celebration you will have a wide variety of possibilities to choose from.
If you dream of a symbolic wedding in Venice, you can choose between a historic building’s private garden, an old monastery, or a panoramic top terrace on a luxury hotel in town.
If you rather prefer a civil wedding with legal value, you can celebrate it in an elegant historic building such as Palazzo Cavalli, facing the famous Canal Grande and the Rialto Bridge, a truly memorable and emotional experience, with the bride and groom arriving on a gondola or by motorboat just like George Clooney.
For the Catholic ceremony wedding, it is possible to get married in some of the most important churches in Venice, and even inside the famous Saint Mark Basilica.
Italy Wedding Planner’s team can show you off some of the top locations personally selected for protestant and Jewish wedding celebrations in Venice, too.

Wedding location in Venice

There is a wide variety of possibilities for your wedding in Venice and Italy Wedding Planner has personally selected the top ones: old historic buildings surrounded by romantic water canals, reflecting romanticism and nostalgia, luxury hotels, romantic restaurants with panoramic terraces facing the Canal Grande. If you are aiming to have a very otherworldly and special celebration, you have to choose Venice for your romantic wedding in Italy.

Would you like to live a real Italian wedding experience?